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When should I rescan my TV?
When should I rescan my TV?
Written by Free TV Project Staff
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To program your TV set to get the dozens of free local channels in your area, run a channel scan. Typically, this is done when initially setting up an antenna. However, it can be a good idea to run a rescan in a few situations.

Run a channel scan if you are missing a major network

Run a channel scan if you are missing one of the major networks in your area. Move the antenna to a new location, run a channel scan, and wait to see if the missing channel is added.

Run a channel scan to see what new channels are available

Another reason to run a rescan on your TV is to see if any new channels are added in your area. Make sure all channels on your TV come in well before running a rescan or your TV may remove the channels that don’t come in. If you’ve tried different locations for your antenna, run several rescans, and are still missing some channels you may need a better antenna.

When to not run a channel scan

Do not run a channel scan if some channels on your TV set are pixelating or say “No Signal.” This will remove the channels from your TV and you’ll have to keep running rescans while moving the antenna around to get them back. If you have issues, refer to the manual RF input option in this video.

Think you need a new antenna?

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