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Why Am I Missing A Channel?
Why Am I Missing A Channel?
Written by Free TV Project Staff
Updated over a week ago

Using an antenna with your television is a great way to get all of your local channels for free in crystal clear HD. However, each TV station has its own unique broadcast signal. It’s not uncommon for some channels to not show up right away with a regular channel scan.

Here are three tips to help you get as many channels as possible:

  1. Make sure you have a decent VHF/UHF-capable antenna. Many cheap indoor antennas under $20 do not work well. You can find a list of recommended antennas here.

  2. Spend some time trying different locations in your home for the antenna. It will likely work best near a wall or window in the direction of the broadcast towers.

  3. If the TV station still does not show up on a channel scan, you may need to manually add the RF channel with the help of a digital converter box.

If you are still missing some channels you may need to upgrade to either an attic or outdoor antenna. If you already have an outdoor antenna you may need a larger model or possibly an amplifier. Not sure what you need? Take our short antenna quiz to determine what makes the most sense for you and your residence.

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